Share the problem with your partner

Many men with Peyronie’s disease are anxious about the appearance of their penis. Some men might feel worried about not being able to satisfy their partner, or perhaps they might have anxieties about being unable to father a child due to difficulties in having sexual intercourse. The loss of intimacy and the relationship problems due to Peyronie’s disease can strongly affect your psychological well-being. [1,2]That is why it is important to be open about these feelings, however difficult it might be.

Talk, involve, resolve

  • Explain to your partner what Peyronie’s disease is and be as thorough as possible. Explain to your partner that this is not an infectious disease, and cannot be "caught".
  • Involve your partner in how your condition makes you feel, physically, emotionally and sexually.
  • Try to resolve the problem together. It’s a good idea to involve your partner in every step of the process of getting help, from finding different techniques for having sex to going to doctor's appointments.
Share the problem with your partner


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